What would you give to live forever? EVERYTHING - a Neo-noir dark comedy / suspense thriller


EVERYTHING is a psychological thriller presented for your approval, promising suspense and a touch of dark comedy at the expense of a few select individuals seeking audience with one dark castaway living eternally alone between the invisible and mysterious planes of heaven and hell. Death.

Watch from a safe distance as ex-mobster Victor Harland, comic collector Marcus Pennington, devoted daughter Isabelle Winters, and Homicide Detective Spencer DeSilva dance with the devil and tango with our resident Angel of Death, some hoping to barter for an extension on their lease while clutching in their hand a bloody eviction notice. The price of admission? EVERYTHING.


WHAT WOULD YOU GIVE TO LIVE FOREVER? A rhetorical question, unless you ask Dahl Isaac Everheart, Chicago’s resident angel of death. When not ushering souls upstairs (or down), Dahl keeps his mind off the crushing centuries-long mundanity of his duties by granting reluctant audience to select few potential clients who share the same problem — impending death. Whether rich, poor, old or young, the price is always the same. But beware, there are things far worse than death. Whatever EVERYTHING means to you, be sure you’re ready to let go of it, because once the wheel in the sky begins to turn, even Dahl cannot stop it.

Homicide Detective Spencer DeSilva understands all too well the pitfalls of dealing with Everheart. As his dark and dubious friend steps outside his box toying with the lives of “future corpses-to-be”, DeSilva endeavors to protect those on the sidelines NOT on Dahl’s list. Keeping the temperamental archangel from going “biblical” on the city also proves to be an ongoing challenge. After all, Everheart has done it before — The 1906 San Francisco fire killing thousands. Six years later the Titanic. Then the Hindenburg disaster. Dahl doesn’t appreciate interference, attention, or referrals — it’s just his way of tidying up after a deal gone sour. And sadly, they usually do.

His clients? Leach, a twisted serial killer offers his future victims. A young pop culture enthusiast named Marcus Pennington must part with a prized comic book. Enigmatic Isabelle Winters offers her father’s gold retirement watch to save him, and mobster bodyguard Lizbeth faces impending doom from a rival hit man. She holds millions in a briefcase, but Dahl prefers her soul in trade. Watch closely because the Devil is in the details, and for your own sake, be aware that this particular angel is nothing like the one adorning your Christmas tree.

And of course there is Victor Harland — our resident millionaire narcissist with far less than six degrees of separation from those caught up in our tawdry little tale. With the discovery of a brain tumor, he is in need of a very special service, and the fates of those in his inner circle are sealed as Victor plots to steal his own ticket to immortality, regardless of who may get in his way. His Oncologist, a freelance forensic detective, and even his favorite La Cosa Nostra hit man are all caught up in this supernatural web of intrigue and suspense.